Sealant Then Wax


The Difference Between Paint Sealant & Regular Car Wax (What’s Better & Our Top Picks) October 1, 2016 July 2, 2018 by James / Let me start off with what may be a controversial statement: Paint sealant and car wax are essentially the same thing. … Then the shine hits you, like, WHOA! Where in the world did that come from?

You could lay the sealant down first, let it cure and then apply a wax. However, we don’t suggest it as it’s a bit redundant. Sealant is so hydrophobic that once it cures that wax will have trouble adhering to the surface and you’ll see it degrade much faster than normal.

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Mar 08, 2012  · In those cases, the common practice is to apply the synthetic product first (Ultimate Wax, NXT Tech Wax 2.0, M21 Synthetic Sealant, etc) and then top with a carnauba wax (M26, Gold Class, etc). What you never want to do, however, is to apply a cleaner wax like M06 over your sealant because it will remove most of the sealant you just applied.

Clear Coat Wax Polish The paint job on your vehicle protects it and provides a unique look as you cruise the streets. Putting a custom paint job on your vehicle can be a very rewarding experience, but it … Back to F.A.Q Index. Back to "How GTA In Detail does it!" Forward to "Washing F.A.Q". Forward to "Clay F.A.Q".
Best Clear Coat Protection For Cars Clear coats for cars have been around for several years. A clear coat is essentially a paint with no pigment in it so it appears as transparent. It is applied over the top of a color coat and most modern cars have them. The clear coat provides protection for your precious paintwork and … Best

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If you’re looking for a product that can significantly lessen you detailing time, then this one from CarGuys is the one you need! This synthetic polymer sealant is an excellent hybrid that can give you the very best properties of traditional wax with the modern characteristics of the much durable paint sealant.

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